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Why Buy Handmade?

Buying handmade will fill your heart with love and pride! When you purchase something handmade, you are not just buying a product, you are buying days, weeks and months of hard labor. And, moments from someone’s life!

Handmade Purchase Goes Far Beyond Its Value.

By purchasing handmade, you support the artisans directly eliminating the middlemen, ensuring that they get fair price for their skill and effort which has a direct impact on the quality of life of artisans and their families. In India, entire families are committed to the craft of handblock printing, since generations. Patronage to Govinds Grove will help breathe new life into this craft, giving hope to the new generation, while adding your individual personality & style to your home.

Handmade Purchase Touches All In The Process.

For you, it means buying-unique, one of-a-kind products that are reflection of your individuality. If you choose to give a handmade as a gift, it will be a thoughtful one and cherished. And, you will be supporting micro-businesses run by people like us.   

Authentic, Handblock Printed Bedding & Linen From Govinds Grove. 

You can purchase a duvet, quilt, bedspread, table linen, cushions or curtains from Govinds Grove with pride, knowing that it has been worked on by real hands, and not in an anonymous factory. In fact, each piece gets stamped by hand, inch by inch, many times over, creating beautiful timeless pieces that can be treasured by generations. This ensures that no two duvets, quilts, tablecloth or cushion covers are alike.

Given the handmade nature of product, it might have subtle variations, which only serves to enhance the product's beauty.  We take utmost care to ensure quality and durability in each step of the process from buying material to delivering at your doorstep and stand behind our products 100%.  

Join in the journey! 

We hope that you can support the handmade movement. We created a short video to showcase the actual process of handblock printing, a vintage art that we use for creating our luxurious bed linen. We hope you will appreciate the labor of love. Enjoy the Hand block printing process video.  

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