Govinds Grove is a venture of passion and hope.

After a decade long sabbatical, life presented me with another chance. These sabbatical years, though came out of necessity, were extremely rewarding - time with family, a journey of finding self and awareness of people on the other side of the spectrum. Standing at the end of this recess, it was time for me to start something that would encapsulate my life’s learnings – thus was born Govind’s Grove.

The Name –

Govind's Grove – the name comes from Indian Scriptures and signifies our foundation. Govind means the one who satisfies the senses. It is another name for Lord Krishna, the all attractive one, who roamed the ‘groves’ of Vrindavan performing pastimes and infusing the place with peace and eternal bliss. We hope, through our bed linen collection, we can bring you the calm and peace you deserve after a hard day's work and transform your home into your beautiful grove.

What We Offer-

We are a young brand featuring authentic, handcrafted luxury bed linen for your living comforts. Refresh any of your rooms with our full range of handmade, classy home furnishings - bedspreads, duvets, quilts, cushion covers, euro shams, table cloths, dinner napkins, shower curtains, sheer curtains, window valances. Don’t forget to look for one-of-a-kind personal accessories like sheer, hand block printed scarves (they run out fast!).

Our Passion-

In an age where so much is disposable and consumable, but not enough is reusable or recyclable, we consciously choose to stay away from mass-produced, mechanically similar textiles. We passionately produce using the vintage art of hand block printing and skill of artisans - leading to slow textiles & sustainable business. This results in fewer but unique designs, ensuring that every single purchase is worth a keepsake - a timeless treasure of bygone era. Whether you use it in your home or gift them to your loved ones, the elegant patterns, India-inspired motifs and contemporary designs - will make your space unique & inviting and your gifts warm & memorable.

Crafted by hand, the human touch is subtly perceptible in the one-of-a-kind finished product, which you will love for years to come. In fact, the quality of our bed linen gets better as they age - getting used, washed and loved in your homes! 

Our Hope-

Every day we work really hard to make two things happen – to passionately create great designs at affordable cost (and that’s why we work directly with artisans) and hope to make a few lives better (we contribute to charity projects supporting education and health). 

Connect With Us: 

If you get a chance to check us out, please do write to us at to share feedback, ask a question or simply say hello. We are just starting out and would love to hear from you - words of encouragement or suggestions - both are welcome too. 

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